Currently all sessions are done in the privacy of your home or remotely over Zoom. A therapy room/facility can be rented for your session in Raleigh, NC. The price of rental will be included in your service.

Travel up to 15 miles is included in the price of your session. Travel over 15 miles will be charged at $0.67/per mile.

Sound Bath:

  • Individual $115 90 minutes
  • Couples $190 90 minutes
  • Group Rate  contact me for the per person charge...5 person minimum/ 90 minutes

*Please contact me for Corporate Rates*



Crystal Chakra Balancing:


Reiki & Crystal Chakra Balancing:


Sound Bath/Reiki/Crystal Balancing:

$330/120 minutes

Guided Meditation session (Yoga Nidra):

$50/60 minutes

*Aromatherapy can be included for $5 with all services upon request. Please inform me of any allergies or aversions prior to adding Aromatherapy to your service.

Home Energy Clearing: Pricing based on the size of the home. Please email for inquiries.


4 Reiki sessions: $430
4 Crystal Balancing sessions: $430
4 Sound Bath sessions: $480